As a kid growing up and as the eldest of 5 siblings, I witnessed first hand the work ethic of my parents, my Dad had a milk round starting at 4am every morning and my Mam was a dressmaker who would work into the early hours of the morning.It was from watching my Mam as a young girl that my love for fashion grew, I was fascinated with how she could just create dresses from a blank sheet of paper and a roll of fabric and I used to spend hours watching her, helping her, pinning, cutting, sewing and I even got the job of modelling now and again.

Since having my own girl Pippa I have been obsessed with dressing her up in cool trendy clothes, I always preferred comfortable, soft fabrics for her and after the early success of Little Bow Pip I started speaking to my Mam about creating a clothing line with these features in mind. Needless to say she never shyed away from a new project.Our goal for LBP KID was to create Cool, Trendy, Comfortable and Soft clothes for kids of all ages. We took inspiration from high street kids fashion and independent high end kids fashion labels and tried to create a range that is somewhere in the middle with high quality designs and fabrics that are affordable.

So my Mam and I took out the sketch pad, went through the clothes we loved on Pippa and started to create the first range of LBP KID clothing, it was so effortless for her and we loved the process but unfortunately the project has been on hold for almost 2 years as my Mam became unwell. I thought about not wanting to finish the project as it felt strange not having her there for final sign off on designs, fabrics, pricing etc but I feel now she is with me and pushing me to finish the job and release the range for all you beautiful Mammies to get the same joy as we did dressing up your little ones and hopefully loving what we created for LBP KID.

Nikki x